Flow: Thesis project

Title: A touch-based tablet application prototype for older adults
Media: Axure (high fidelity prototype)
Major Professor:Sunghyun Kang [ARTGR]
Committee Members:Carol Faber [ARTGR], Jennifer Margrett [HD FS]

This is a poster of the thesis exhibition for MFA graduation. Sharing emotion is one aspect of communication between humans. For a long time, people have regularly met in person to share or collect information and experience emotional interaction. As technology has rapidly developed, the means of communication have dramatically moved to the online space through the use of social communication methods or through online information spaces, where people comment or write out their ideas and thought. Unfortunately, sometimes, the physical and mental impairment does not allow them to adequately maintain relationships with others. Moreover, departing from a working environment to retirement, a scattering of the nuclear family, losing spouses, and sickness can easily lead to social isolation, this research was initiated to work toward providing older adults with a suitable technological communication method to help them maintain their relationships. The main goal of this study is to develop a technology-friendly interface design based on a touch-based tablet application and to assess this design through several research methods such as field observation, surveys, and interviews, along with universal design principles.