Records for Life: Child health record

Genre: Infography (Visual Communication)
Title: Records for Life: Child health record
Media: Illustrator, Indesign

This project was to redesign a child health record for easy interpretation and use, valuable to both health professionals and families alike. This card includes simplicity with attractiveness and proper information arrangement for potentially illiterate young mothers. Whoever may use this card will find suitable information. It will encourage caregivers to keep the card for the long term through an attractive design and therefore a child will be more likely to get vaccinations on time. In developing countries, many health workers may have to visit areas that have harsh conditions, so a health card must show a child’s distinctive characteristics. This design includes a page with the child’s specific information and family history so that health workers can track some possible diseases. Since some communities are rarely visited, it can be confusing for health workers as to which vaccinations need to be administered and which do not. To improve this problem, I made a vaccination page showing vaccinations based on which time periods they are needed, so a child could get multifold shots at once.