Project4 – Headphones Designed for a Specific Context

Contexts what I choosed to make headphones were Indoor, Wind, and Forest.

1. Indoor               

1) Tube sound body headphone
Not only headphone for ears, but also for eyes and a body. Transparent tube reflect colored lights depanding on the volume of sound from the speakers. Sound vibration will be one of the effects for this headphone.


2) Vase headphone
Different shapes of vases acumulate different sounds, so I planned to make a visually, and acustically satisfied installation to make a different type's of headphone. Its weight and space will make different noise and sound. The musin could be accumulated in one place and people can hear that sound with huge headphone. It is a huge headphone and installation sound art.


3) Body headphone
Wire based clothing with speakers inside of it would make differnet sound and it would be one of the headphones. Person can hear the sound in an enclosed area.

4) Sofa headphone
People do not need to wear a headphone. Flexible meterial will make suitable shape of sofa and the surface of it provide a sound or music.


2. Wind

1) Helmat headphone
To gether a sound of wind, tubes will be installed surface on the helmet. Inside of it has wholes to hear the sounds caming from outside.



2) Lotus headphone
I was thinking about a lotus flower which has seeds inside because the shape of the flower. So I was thinking about similar design of headphone.


3) Tube headphone


3. Forest

1) festival of nature
Thought about festival costum


2) Teletubby

Top of the ring accumulate sounds from outside.


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