Project 1 – Listening Maps / Final

When preparing this project, what first comes to mind is a favorite place that I usually visit. I choose the Fareway store, near Summerset. I lived in Summerset for more than two years and this store is my favorite place in my neighborhood. Like other stores, it sells essential goods, and foods. I usually use my bike when visiting the store, but I used the bus now since it is winter.

For this project, when first visiting last Friday around 5:30PM, not different than usual, many people were shopping with their family members and friends. I planned to record the sounds inside of the store and freely looking around. I never listened carefully in the store. The difference was that I have imagined the shapes that I could portray on the sketchbook. I did not stay for a long time there because I just planned to know how I could depict the sound as an image. My first plan as I mentioned in my last posting was that I make a map on my way to the store. However, when I checked the inside of the store, there are many sections to need to be expressed so I just gave up to make a map of on my way to the store. I just made a plan to depict the inside of the store.

Second visit was last Saturday around 4:00PM. The following day was the day of the super bowl. Despite the storming weather there were a lot of people visiting to buy food for super bowl at night. First, I drew the structure of store to use it as a plan. After that, I set on the chair near the entrance gate and listened carefully what I could hear abound me. In front of me there were cash counters and I could hear a lot of tagging sounds. Pick, pick, pick, the same level of sounds, high enough to hear everywhere in the store.

I moved first to where vegetables and fruits were located. Most people stop there to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. To keep the vegetables fresh there were many refrigerators. I expressed it with the blue color. Second place was meat store, 6-7 clerks were waiting for a chance to provide customers with proper products, asking what they wanted to buy. There were many conversations between clerks and customers. They were very friendly and ready to give good quality of service to their customers. Before moving to the next place I checked each sections how many people stayed there and what sound they made while shopping.

The last place I moved to was near the corner of daily products. Fresh milks, juices and chesses were located in the refrigerators. Also, near there was a frozen food corner where the loudest sounds were coming from. It has many circle lines in blue.

I wanted to use natural pencil line because I liked its feeling and I do not want to lose it, so I scanned sketches and cut parts from the original sketches and colored to give the roles to each shape. It seemed a little bit dirty and not clear; however, I thought that was how I could make clear lines to represent the natural sound around me. This is a bit different class than I have ever taken before and I enjoyed a new experience in the store.


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