Project 2 – Object, materiality and context / Process

Object : Wristwatch


The goal of project2 was to record the sound from an object that I had chosen with small micro phone we made ourselves in the class. The process of project2 required for the class is the capture of sound with the following design principles, Texture, Pattern, Scale, Gravity, Density, Direction, Symmetry, Asymmetry, Anomaly, and Harmony.

The object that I chose for making sound is my wristwatch, which has a patterned texture on the bands. It has the turning sound of the watch hand. Also, the watch’s head and bands are made from solid steel.

The first design principle is texture. To make a texture sound, I used a wood brush to scratch the surface of the band on the watch. The band already had a pattern on its surface, which is the same material as the head of the watch. Uneven but patterned surface provides really interesting sound.

Second design principle is gravity. I dropped the watch to show its weight, which is heavy compared to its’ appearance. It fell down quickly and made a loud sound. I made continuous sound pattern to make a rhythm.

Third design principle is a pattern. I used a way to shake the bands. Actually it was a different sound than I assumed. I actually expect to hear some what a voiceless sound, but it was heavy and short like staccato. Shapes of the band made a wave while shaking in the bands.

Fourth design principle is density. I scratched the surface of the mike with the watch. I could feel it’s solid and heavy. 

Fifth design principle is symmetry. The iterative scratching sound on the watch’s band was uniform. I used a plastic stick to scratch the surface and it made little noise because of the stick’s feature.

Sixth design principle is anomaly. Trying something different from before, I used the mike to make the sound itself. On the mike’s surface I put the watch’s one face and rubbed it on the surface. It made a stranger sound than I expected.

All process making sounds was very interesting because the sounds that I captured were all out of my assumptions and had interesting sounds themselves. My next goal is to mix sounds with what I made and make a story about "Time" in terms of my object was a wristwatch.

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