Project3 – Sound, Culture, and Experience

An interesting statement that I got from the paper was that each object has a limited sound. According to the statement “The sound comes to us from above, below, and the sides. As Lusseyran says, it passes through us and is rarely limited by the density of physical objects.”  The expression that each limitation makes object’s sound was a surprising interpretation to me. Each object has a different and limited density, which means that each person has a different density and sound, we simply called it personality and identification. “It is the Latin definition of man in a healthy natural state, when physical and psychic energy were constant and distributed in a balanced say to all sense areas.” I think the sole is the sound of one’s mind constructed by their modality of culture, experiences, and also heritage of discipline inherited from their parents.

Cultures differ from each other. Each country has their own culture with different sensory preference called modalities. One community develops one culture with similar experiences. They all have their boundaries, which makes one differ from others. One country includes many communities that are in the same modality, reverberating their culture to others when they approach each other by trade and travel. In the world, sounds reverberating in different length are everywhere. Each sound length has limited distance. Sometimes they bury each other with different colors made by the bumping, and some times they do not reach each other. On the other hand, could we simply say that one’s personality depends on their culture? We can agree that she or he also come from a community, so she or he has a sensory preference accepted from a community surrounding him or hers. However, individuals have a different color, smell, taste, touch and sound. They all have different gravity and sense, because they all have different experiences and environment, which decide their personality.

The case study of interactive public sound art shows different sounds between places. In this exhibition, weather, light, and people’s interactions made different sound generation algorithms. Sound is more explainable then vision. Sound changes depending on its environment, such the materials used for construction in the space, how big the space of the building is, how many people are in the space, how many floors it has which means that height of the space has makes different sound. Sometimes I felt that the pitch of the sound in different space made different experience. It is big difference from visual work.



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