Project3 – Sonic intervention Final


The aim of this project was to make a sonic intervention that interacts with people using sounds. I made a plan to give people a enjoy moment while busy days. I prepared a compensation of candies for people who played a game. Instructions are installed on the desk. I led people to follow the instructions and observed what was happening during a game.

In the first attempt as a process, sound effect was not working only background music was settled, so feedback was not generated effectively. Another problem was performing time that was not appropriate to play the game. There were only few students are passing by the game place, and I could not gather enough experiments to record a video. One thing, I found at the first attempt was that if there is no music, people just passed the game place even without glance at it. People needed some motivation to play a game. Music was a motivation method, and also a way of offering different experiences through different sound effects.

In the final, from the suggestion in the class, I moved the place where the game would be conducted. I set up two sound devices, background sound with one iPod and effect sound with one bluetooth speaker to be manipulated by me computer. I chose different places to take videos to observe people’s behaviors while playing games. I had to spend two hours for setting and two hours for shooting the videos. However, in the last attempt, I found many interesting moments.

First, my friend argues that it was so hard to make a goal, and asked what is the rule for unsuccessful a game. Moreover, he asked whether he needed to put the disks back to the basket after the game. I tested the game; however, it seemed like too much concerning about the game. It should be his personality. The game continued and I had to move up and down to pick the disks from the first floor to the basket and to change memory cards on the video cameras. I installed two cameras and took videos in four different places to provide different perspectives.

Second, it was a really interesting reaction from the instruction. I used a bowl for disks and a small basket for candies. The basket they had to put disks was on the first floor; however, after reading a instruction they searched where the basket is, they could put disks, and they chose the basket for candies. Therefore, I put the allow on the side of the instruction to lead their eyes and changed the containers; the bowl for candies and the basket for disks.

Third, There were many thieves. It was not difficult to play game and get some candies; however, the place was not opened place, so many students take candies without gaming. Nobody doubts that there were cameras to take their behaviors.

I played game with friends to explain what it is and spent time with them. It was such a fun experience. I found from the observation was that people react on immediate sound effect and more interested in direct interaction rather then just playing with background music.

Interaction is a technology's communication method with people.

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