Project3 – Sonic intervention process

Previous qualification

– Make people happy
– Provide a new experience what they have never been exposed.
– Make a opposite situation that give a weird feeling (it is a different emotional activity.), walking back and play backward.

Research  (group stereotypes)

1.  I found a case study claimed that people in eastern and western have different emotional and cognitive system. They almost, in many of parts, have opposite way of recognizing the objects or understanding a situation. Can I see difference between the two communities using sensing intervention? 






2.    Ask something to strangers to make a fun with sound. I may make them shock while asking help?
3.   How to make student to use stair instead of elevator?
4.   Give smile to stranger
5.   Show projection after they press the button to lead people to participate an activity.
6.   How I could break the stereotypes?


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