Project3 – Sonic intervention process2

I tried to give positive intervention instead of negative. Even though my first plan was about cultural difference, I just gave up to use that subject because it was difficult to make a plan. My intention of this playing game was to give people a moment to play and get some sweet candies after making 3goals of disks into the basket. First plan was to give them a present of sweet candy with simple playing game before going back home. They all are exhausted from the classes and I thought that it will be a moment to give them a smile before leaving.

First attempt opened last Thursday, but unlike my opinion, there were no students to play a game. I think on Thursday and Friday are not good days to perform an event and an activity at College of Design building. Moreover, there were a few problems existed. I made instruction to help people initiate game but it was hard to understand, so I had to lead them to play. Therefore, I made new one when I conduct second attempt on Monday in the morning.

The background music helped draw attention of people near the table, and few effective sounds gave them an interest on playing game. I think some sounds encourage people to be participated in the game. Also, I tried to conduct the game without sound effect; however, it worked but not seemed exciting at all.

In contrast to my belief, it was possible that intervention should use as a good meaning, giving people positive feeling in a moment. 


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