Project4 – Headphone process 2

Helmet Headphone

Ames is such a place where has strong wind especially in spring. Midwest topography allows warm temperature and cold temperature meet at the center of the area and to move it up and down frequently; it makes temperature fluctuation, which introduces several tornados. Thanks to the topographical feature, Ames has strong wind. The objective of this project is to make a helmet hearing the wind sound in Midwest. Our ears could hear only sound from two side of the space. Winds blow from everywhere and I want to accumulate it onto the helmet by using the straw shaped tubes and pipes.

Size of the tube and meterials made different sound and curved shape might make mysterious sound. The sound will turn around on top of my head in side of the helmet and it will make a harmonious sound.


The developing helmet is still in process. I will use cooper pipes with curved shapes. To make a better appearence, curved shapes should be decorable each other. It is a sample of idea used for brain storming.



Also, I was thinking about curves of pipes, not too much superficial in bright colors. I think it is possible that curves of the pipe will make a different feelings and give a harmonious decoration.

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