RE-SOLUTION – Game project

Title: RE-SOLUTION – Educational Game project
Media: Axure prototype program, Illustrator, Photoshop
Date: 2016 ~ 2017
Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Guilbert
Team members: Austin Garcia, Nick Krone, Mahmood Ramezani, Wonsil Jang and Karen Doty

Re-solution is an educational web role-playing game.  In this project, we designed a game that challenges the player to think not only of their own needs but also the needs of others. Through character role-playing, debated discussion, and final decision-making, players in this online synchronous game gain knowledge and consideration of others during times of stress. This game provides the tools commonly used to assess the effectiveness of serious games, along with the design elements that are the most conducive to learning within them. Re-Solution contributes to the field of human-computer interaction as a teaching tool for shaping a stronger, more empathetic mindset.

Axure program was used for this prototype and Illustrator and photoshop were used for creating images. Also, I am involved in the planning of the structure of the game and design. It is a volunteering project and most students are working as volunteers under the supervision of Dr, Stephen Guilbert who is one of the professors in HCI.

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