Project3 – Sonic intervention process2

I tried to give positive intervention instead of negative. Even though my first plan was about cultural difference, I just gave up to use that subject because it was difficult to make a plan. My intention of this playing game was to give people a moment to play and get some sweet candies after making 3goals of disks into the basket. First plan was to give them a present of sweet candy with simple playing game before going back home. They all are exhausted from the classes and I thought that it will be a moment to give them a smile before leaving.

First attempt opened last Thursday, but unlike my opinion, there were no students to play a game. I think on Thursday and Friday are not good days to perform an event and an activity at College of Design building. Moreover, there were a few problems existed. I made instruction to help people initiate game but it was hard to understand, so I had to lead them to play. Therefore, I made new one when I conduct second attempt on Monday in the morning.

The background music helped draw attention of people near the table, and few effective sounds gave them an interest on playing game. I think some sounds encourage people to be participated in the game. Also, I tried to conduct the game without sound effect; however, it worked but not seemed exciting at all.

In contrast to my belief, it was possible that intervention should use as a good meaning, giving people positive feeling in a moment. 


Project3 – Sonic intervention process

Previous qualification

– Make people happy
– Provide a new experience what they have never been exposed.
– Make a opposite situation that give a weird feeling (it is a different emotional activity.), walking back and play backward.

Research  (group stereotypes)

1.  I found a case study claimed that people in eastern and western have different emotional and cognitive system. They almost, in many of parts, have opposite way of recognizing the objects or understanding a situation. Can I see difference between the two communities using sensing intervention? 






2.    Ask something to strangers to make a fun with sound. I may make them shock while asking help?
3.   How to make student to use stair instead of elevator?
4.   Give smile to stranger
5.   Show projection after they press the button to lead people to participate an activity.
6.   How I could break the stereotypes?


Project3 – Sound, Culture, and Experience

An interesting statement that I got from the paper was that each object has a limited sound. According to the statement “The sound comes to us from above, below, and the sides. As Lusseyran says, it passes through us and is rarely limited by the density of physical objects.”  The expression that each limitation makes object’s sound was a surprising interpretation to me. Each object has a different and limited density, which means that each person has a different density and sound, we simply called it personality and identification. “It is the Latin definition of man in a healthy natural state, when physical and psychic energy were constant and distributed in a balanced say to all sense areas.” I think the sole is the sound of one’s mind constructed by their modality of culture, experiences, and also heritage of discipline inherited from their parents.

Cultures differ from each other. Each country has their own culture with different sensory preference called modalities. One community develops one culture with similar experiences. They all have their boundaries, which makes one differ from others. One country includes many communities that are in the same modality, reverberating their culture to others when they approach each other by trade and travel. In the world, sounds reverberating in different length are everywhere. Each sound length has limited distance. Sometimes they bury each other with different colors made by the bumping, and some times they do not reach each other. On the other hand, could we simply say that one’s personality depends on their culture? We can agree that she or he also come from a community, so she or he has a sensory preference accepted from a community surrounding him or hers. However, individuals have a different color, smell, taste, touch and sound. They all have different gravity and sense, because they all have different experiences and environment, which decide their personality.

The case study of interactive public sound art shows different sounds between places. In this exhibition, weather, light, and people’s interactions made different sound generation algorithms. Sound is more explainable then vision. Sound changes depending on its environment, such the materials used for construction in the space, how big the space of the building is, how many people are in the space, how many floors it has which means that height of the space has makes different sound. Sometimes I felt that the pitch of the sound in different space made different experience. It is big difference from visual work.



Project 2 – Object, materiality and context / Final

The object that I used in my process for project 2 “Object, materiality and context” was a wristwatch. I expected that I could use the watch’s sound and wanted to use it to research about sound; however, I have a super nice watch that I could not capture any sound from, so I gave up trying to record it. Instead, I made a different storyline talking about “time” and how people think about it in their life. I was curious about their interpretation about time. 



Project 2 – Object, materiality and context / Process

Object : Wristwatch


The goal of project2 was to record the sound from an object that I had chosen with small micro phone we made ourselves in the class. The process of project2 required for the class is the capture of sound with the following design principles, Texture, Pattern, Scale, Gravity, Density, Direction, Symmetry, Asymmetry, Anomaly, and Harmony.

The object that I chose for making sound is my wristwatch, which has a patterned texture on the bands. It has the turning sound of the watch hand. Also, the watch’s head and bands are made from solid steel.

The first design principle is texture. To make a texture sound, I used a wood brush to scratch the surface of the band on the watch. The band already had a pattern on its surface, which is the same material as the head of the watch. Uneven but patterned surface provides really interesting sound.

Second design principle is gravity. I dropped the watch to show its weight, which is heavy compared to its’ appearance. It fell down quickly and made a loud sound. I made continuous sound pattern to make a rhythm.

Third design principle is a pattern. I used a way to shake the bands. Actually it was a different sound than I assumed. I actually expect to hear some what a voiceless sound, but it was heavy and short like staccato. Shapes of the band made a wave while shaking in the bands.

Fourth design principle is density. I scratched the surface of the mike with the watch. I could feel it’s solid and heavy. 

Fifth design principle is symmetry. The iterative scratching sound on the watch’s band was uniform. I used a plastic stick to scratch the surface and it made little noise because of the stick’s feature.

Sixth design principle is anomaly. Trying something different from before, I used the mike to make the sound itself. On the mike’s surface I put the watch’s one face and rubbed it on the surface. It made a stranger sound than I expected.

All process making sounds was very interesting because the sounds that I captured were all out of my assumptions and had interesting sounds themselves. My next goal is to mix sounds with what I made and make a story about "Time" in terms of my object was a wristwatch.

Project 1 – Listening Maps / Final

When preparing this project, what first comes to mind is a favorite place that I usually visit. I choose the Fareway store, near Summerset. I lived in Summerset for more than two years and this store is my favorite place in my neighborhood. Like other stores, it sells essential goods, and foods. I usually use my bike when visiting the store, but I used the bus now since it is winter.

For this project, when first visiting last Friday around 5:30PM, not different than usual, many people were shopping with their family members and friends. I planned to record the sounds inside of the store and freely looking around. I never listened carefully in the store. The difference was that I have imagined the shapes that I could portray on the sketchbook. I did not stay for a long time there because I just planned to know how I could depict the sound as an image. My first plan as I mentioned in my last posting was that I make a map on my way to the store. However, when I checked the inside of the store, there are many sections to need to be expressed so I just gave up to make a map of on my way to the store. I just made a plan to depict the inside of the store.

Second visit was last Saturday around 4:00PM. The following day was the day of the super bowl. Despite the storming weather there were a lot of people visiting to buy food for super bowl at night. First, I drew the structure of store to use it as a plan. After that, I set on the chair near the entrance gate and listened carefully what I could hear abound me. In front of me there were cash counters and I could hear a lot of tagging sounds. Pick, pick, pick, the same level of sounds, high enough to hear everywhere in the store.

I moved first to where vegetables and fruits were located. Most people stop there to buy fresh vegetables and fruits. To keep the vegetables fresh there were many refrigerators. I expressed it with the blue color. Second place was meat store, 6-7 clerks were waiting for a chance to provide customers with proper products, asking what they wanted to buy. There were many conversations between clerks and customers. They were very friendly and ready to give good quality of service to their customers. Before moving to the next place I checked each sections how many people stayed there and what sound they made while shopping.

The last place I moved to was near the corner of daily products. Fresh milks, juices and chesses were located in the refrigerators. Also, near there was a frozen food corner where the loudest sounds were coming from. It has many circle lines in blue.

I wanted to use natural pencil line because I liked its feeling and I do not want to lose it, so I scanned sketches and cut parts from the original sketches and colored to give the roles to each shape. It seemed a little bit dirty and not clear; however, I thought that was how I could make clear lines to represent the natural sound around me. This is a bit different class than I have ever taken before and I enjoyed a new experience in the store.


Project 1 – Listening Maps / process

There are many different preferences when it comes to what people want to listen to. For the class, I researched which sound was the worst that I could hear in the college of design building. I found two elevators’ sounds, which are located in the middle of the building that is surrounded by concrete and has a transparent wall on one side. A ringing sound that I could hear from several floors below, informs it is coming. When it arrives it opens with strange sound that to me sounded like a loud cracking of steel. When it passes the each floor, it makes ringing sound like to inform us to pass the gate. Sounds, spreading from center of the building, deliver ringing sounds everywhere into the room in the building.

This was the first time that I mapped the location and types of sounds for a project. Sound in media is common and somewhat familiar to us. However, for me sound is one of the genres of music that we can listen to and for fun. From the reading in the class, I realized that sound is everywhere even as I listen to it now. People’s lives are surrounded by sound, from an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a desk, a chair, and even a monitor. Also, we have sounds of natural organisms, sounds from bugs, winds, and children laughing. There are many good sounds and bad sounds sometimes called noise. Not all sounds fit everybody’s preferences. 

How could I draw sounds? How could I transfer sounds to images? For final project, I should think about the ways that how I could map the sounds. For the final project, my location where I want to map is a store near my house. I will map that on the way of the store.